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We offer complete building restoration, repair, and waterproofing services to property and home owners, historic preservationists, and the construction industry. Performed by skilled craftsman, with experience and knowledge obtained in the classroom and on the job, our experience in historic preservation and modern technologies provide a full range of services to restore your property back to its original splendor.

Structures in the New England area are subject to changing weather and pollution and our environment takes its toll on exterior surfaces. Our team of craftsmen analyzes the deteriorating masonry to ensure it is safely repaired and restored to its original color, texture and integrity.

The construction industry is a competitive marketplace. Each job has its own unique demands. We specialize in adapting techniques and workmanship to meet these demands. We pride ourselves on providing value and quality work, teamed with solid customer service, which is apparent in the many positive testimonials we have received from our very satisfied customers.


The organization was established in Lexington, MA in 1989 by Vincent Spierto for the purpose of providing an affordable, environmentally safe means of protecting and extending the life of valuable property.

Vincent F. Spierto, Jr., is the founder and president of Landmark Exterior Restoration, Inc. Mr. Spierto brings more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His responsibilities include estimating and client negotiations along with overseeing production and scheduling in the day to day operations.

At Landmark Exterior Restoration, Inc, our Commitment to Safety is paramount. Before beginning a project, a safety inspection is conducted. Often this is proactively achieved in partnership with OSHA. The site is carefully analyzed and procedures are implemented to ensure safe operations. Ongoing inspections of the site are performed to closely monitor adherence to on the job safety and hazard communication programs. Employees receive training in identifying potential hazards and the necessary corrective procedures.

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