Ether Monument

Ether MonumentEther close-up

Landmark did the stone repair which included Dutchmen repairs, cleaning and resetting.

The Ether Monument sits in the Boston Public Garden. Its marble and granite images and inscriptions address universal themes: the suffering caused by war, the desire on behalf of loved ones to relieve pain, and the triumph of medical science. It commemorates the first public demonstration of inhalation anesthesia, which took place in Boston in 1846. Today, it is difficult to imagine the sense of awe and hope when the news of this medical marvel spread all over the world. This event heralded the end of surgery as torture, when all but the simplest procedures were “to be dreaded only less than death itself.” Erected in 1868 to celebrate this remarkable achievement, no other monument related to the origins of American medicine is so rich in history, controversies, and allegories.


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