The Stanley Park of Westfield, MA

Bells are ringing at The Stanley Park Carillon Tower. Completed in 1950, the tower was dedicated to world peace in a national broadcast ceremony. The structure is faced with Indiana limestone and is 98 feet high, topped by a gold leaf dome. The tower houses 25 English bells and 61 Flemish carillonic bells and an electronic organ. Its imposing bronze doors are decorated with 14 relief sculptures portraying various aspects of the Park and Stanley Home Products, as well as profiles of Frank Stanley Beveridge and Catherine L. O'Brien. The map in front of the tower measures 23 feet by 30 feet, and is composed of multicolored New York slate.

Landmark was retained to remove the capstones, install flashing, repair and reset the capstones. Next, the limestone tower was repaired, repointed and cleaned. Finally, the belfry was cleaned and coated.

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