Masonry Restoration

Landmark Exterior Restoration Inc. provides knowledge and experience performed by skilled craftsmen to aid in your masonry restoration needs. Masonry is the art and craft of building and fabricating in stone, brick, or concrete. Though considered to be among the most durable of building materials, masonry units can become damaged or deteriorate over time. To preserve your investment, maintain the integrity and appearance of the building, and prolong its life, sound practice suggests regular and thorough visual inspections of your masonry structures. Water penetration, freeze/thaw damage and other environmental factors, structural movement, failed materials or installations, and previous repairs may be contributing factors.

Causes of damage must be identified and corrected. Often this may be accomplished by first cleaning the exterior surface. Thorough inspection might reveal the need for concrete repairs or perhaps brick restoration. Furthermore, explorations may expose damage requiring stone repair. What ever your masonry needs, with our extensive experience and quality work, you will know the job is done right.

Building Surface Services

Cleaning and/or removing paint and can bring out visually dramatic changes, exposing the original architectural detail and color of the surface. Cleaning and paint stripping may bring to light the extent of masonry restoration that may be needed to return the building to its original beauty and integrity.

These tasks are best performed by qualified workmen experienced in surface cleaning and paint removal using appropriate techniques. Care must be exercised in site preparation. The use of high quality products, appropriately selected for the application is a key to success.

Often, cleaning the exterior surfaces of masonry structures is a perquisite for further work. For example many materials used in concrete repairs require the surface to be clean. Similarly, brick restoration and stone repair may begin with cleaned facades. Masonry buildings that have been cleaned and restored are ready to accept water repellents which are penetrating while allowing the surface to breath.

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Water Protection

There are many different types of waterproofing materials and processes, each designed for specific surfaces and/or applications. Brick, natural and precast stone, concrete, wood, or aluminum surfaces can benefit from waterproofing. Whether it is caulking, coatings or repellant applications, they are all designed primarily for one purpose – to prevent water infiltration without acting as a vapor barrier. Landmark has experienced trained professionals who possess keen understanding of the uses and applications of these products.

Inspections & Consulting

Whether the project requires masonry restoration, cleaning, or waterproofing Landmark furnishes comprehensive solutions for exterior building structural issues by drawing on their vast array of restoration and construction skills. Landmark can provide pre-project inspections of inaccessible areas so that building owners, architects, and engineers can assess building problems to better understand the conditions. This allows for the development of a scope of work and specifications for budgeting, comprehensive maintenance, repair, and restoration programs.


We provide building and emergency services and comprehensive maintenance and repair programs for many of our property management clients. Whether waging war on graffiti or rendering ongoing building services, we can provide outstanding customer service while achieving your desired results.

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