Masonry Restoration

Landmark Exterior Restoration Inc. provides knowledge and experience performed by skilled craftsmen to aid in your masonry restoration needs. Masonry is the art and craft of building and fabricating in stone, brick, or concrete. Though considered to be among the most durable of building materials, masonry units can become damaged or deteriorate over time. To preserve your investment, maintain the integrity and appearance of the building, and prolong its life, sound practice suggests regular and thorough visual inspections of your masonry structures. Water penetration, freeze/thaw damage and other environmental factors, structural movement, failed materials or installations, and previous repairs may be contributing factors.

Causes of damage must be identified and corrected. Often this may be accomplished by first cleaning the exterior surface. Thorough inspection might reveal the need for concrete repairs or perhaps brick restoration. Furthermore, explorations may expose damage requiring stone repair. What ever your masonry needs, with our extensive experience and quality work, you will know the job is done right.

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