D & D Enterprises, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

D & D Enterprises, Inc has had the opportunity to subcontract many jobs to Vince Spierto of Landmark Exterior Restorations on numerous jobs. The most recent jobs include: grave stone restorations at Mound Tomb and Grave, Boston, MA, restoring headstones and tombs at Granary Burying Ground, Tremont St. Boston, repointing and repairing of granite walls at Historical Tenney Estate Ruins in Methuen, MA, as well as graffiti removal and cleaning.

D & D Enterprises, Inc. was pleased with the work Landmark Restoration has performed on these jobs. Vince not only made sure the jobs were done on time but more importantly, proficiently.

D & D Enterprises, Inc. would recommend Landmark Exterior Restoration for any masonry projects. We will continue to subcontract work to Landmark Exterior Restoration when their expertise is needed.

Matthew Delmonico
Vice President
D & D Enterprises, Inc.

Thomas M. Menino, Mayor
Boston Parks and Recreation Department

To Whom It May Concern:

Landmark Exterior Restoration, Inc. completed satisfactorily its work in the following projects for the Boston Parks and Recreation Department:

Grave Marker Resetting and Tomb Repair in the Granary Burying Ground, 2002.

Mound Tomb and Grave Marker Stabilization in Dorchester North Burying Ground and Eliot Burying Ground, 2003.

Kelly Thomas
Project Manager
Historic Burying Grounds Initiative

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New England BioLabs Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Vince Spierto, Landmark Restoration, Inc. for the work performed in restoring the exterior of the Victorian Proctor Estate Mansion and Carriage House in Ipswich, MA.

Mr. Spierto’s work has been excellent, on time, and reasonably priced. His bid was the lowest of five bids we initially received on restoration of these two buildings. He has a crew of experienced masons that have been able to resolve and restore complicated masonry work on these buildings.

I would not hesitate to hire him again if a new project came up.

Donald G. Comb, Ph.D.

Basnight, Buckingham & Partners, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

This reference is provided upon the request of Landmark Exterior Restoration, Inc. of 2361 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts 02173, regarding their services as contractors in the fields of restoration, waterproofing and general contracting.

The company has a good reputation among the general contractors and architects that have been associated with our office. Landmark was the restoration subcontractor of a large public project for the city of Lynn where we were the Architects of a school project that had a budget of eight million dollars and Landmarks contract was approximately $105.000. Three school buildings that were more than seventy years old were renovated in two months. The scope of work included cleaning, graffiti removal, repointing, replacing defective stone and brick units, restoring cast stone and granite surfaces, caulking and sealing of joints and masonry surfaces.

The president of the company, Vincent Spierto, has a permanent crew of diligent experts and trained workers who have a good understanding of the procedures, methods and materials employed in the restoration and upgrading of historic and other buildings. We rate their performance a 98% and strongly recommend them to public as well as private sector clients.

Yours very truly,
Walter L. Basnight, AIA

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Stephen J. Wessling – Architects

Dear Mr. Spierto:

It was a pleasure working with you and your personnel on the successful and timely completion of the exterior masonry, sealant and flashing restorations at 3 Riverside Drive.

As you are aware, the owner and tenants had been highly frustrated by the on going problems with leaks through the exterior masonry walls on this 10-year-old building. Your high quality and effective restoration work have relieved those frustrations. We found your entire firm to be professional, positive and cooperative at all times. The disruption to the tenants was minimal. You continually showed concern not only for properly solving the leaking problems, but what is was costing to the owner. The repairs to the masonry, sealant and through wall flashing should last for many years without any problems.

We thank you for all of your effort and attention you paid to this project, the tenants, and the client. Please have your potential clients contact us, for a recommendation of you firm.

Very truly,
Stephen J. Wessling AIA, CSI, BOCA

Norman N. Kherlop>

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to provide this reference regarding the services of Landmark Exterior Restorations, Inc. of 2361 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA 02173.

They have performed work under my direction, when I was acting as the Architect for the projects at 68 Lewis Road, Belmont, Massachusetts and 465 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, Massachusetts. The latter was a complicated restoration work to upgrade the building envelope of the Saint James Church and Cultural Center. The two buildings were severely weathered during the past sixty years and the contract price for the restoration work of Landmark was approximately the amount of $100,000 and the work was performed in the fall of 1992.

The company and its owner, Vincent Spierto, have a thorough understanding of the waterproofing and weathering issues of historic and other buildings constructed in various materials, i.e., stone, brick, veneer constructions, wood, metal, slate and shingles. They are highly knowledgeable in the applications of available and custom prepared products used the restoration and waterproofing. Vincent and his crew members are conscientious and motivated professionally in all their tasks and undertakings. I rate their performance 95% and highly recommend their services to private and public sector parties that may be interested to use his services.

Yours very truly,
Norman N. Kherlop, AIA, CDT, AAA

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TKZ Management Associates

I am writing to express my great pleasure in the exterior restoration work that was performed by Landmark Restoration Services of Lexington, MA.

Quite by luck, I happened to contact Vince for a proposal to clean the east side, lower level, of our 196,000 sf class “A” commercial office building in Harvard Square. Being almost 10 years old and located in the heart of Harvard Square, the building’s exterior had become stained, dirty and in need of a “good washing”.

The limestone, brick and rose granite which comprise the building’s façade all responded very well to the processes which were exacted by Vince and his assistants. We were all especially impressed with the “before and after” of the limestone capstones which were originally very stained with black spots and discoloration and now, after the cleaning process, look completely white and new.

The work performed was completed in a very professional and timely manner as we had required given the highly trafficked location and assigned project deadline.

I would recommend Landmark Exterior Restoration’s services highly, in fact, we will be enlisting another proposal when we begin the second phase of exterior cleaning.

Sharon Lembo
Staff Assistant

TFG Management Company

Dear Vince,

On behalf of TFG Management and the Board of Trustees at The Marlborough, I would like you to know how pleased we are with the exterior restoration of the property performed by Landmark. While always a handsome building, the exterior now shows to even better advantage. More importantly, however, we now finally have a weather-tight facade.

I am also appreciative of the time you and Tommy always made to meet with the Trustees each month to review work progress and explain the unexpected conditions encountered. It was a pleasure working with you.

With best regards,
Laurie Y. Langlois, CPM
Senior Vice President

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Alice Kelly

Dear Vinnie:

I am so glad “Peter” recommended you for the paint removal from my chimney. You did a terrific Job. It looks much better than I had anticipated.

Several of my neighbors have commented on the improvement to the front of my house since the paint was removed.

Thanks so much.

Alice Kelley

Masters & Sargent Architects Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

We have recently completed the renovations of the Hyde Park Health Center in Hyde Park (Boston). This project involved the complete restoration of a precast concrete tile roof and stucco exterior finish, as well as window replacement and other miscellaneous work.

The roof restoration was extremely difficult. The roof was constructed in the 1920’s, made of precast concrete tiles sitting directly on a steel super-structure. The tiles were badly deteriorated and been leaking for years.

Landmark’s work included the cleaning of the tiles and the removal of all loose concrete, the sealing and patching of the tiles including building up patch areas to match the original profile and the final coating of the entire roof. Several complex shapes were recast and reinstalled.

All of the work performed by Landmark was done with care and good craftsmanship. Vince Spierto was very helpful where field conditions called for innovative solutions.

We would welcome seeing this company on another of our projects.

Please don’t hesitate to call for further information.

Fitz Sargent, AIA
Masters & Sargent Architects Inc.

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Kent Street Condominium

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently hired Landmark Exterior Restoration under Vince Spierto to remove paint from our four story 17-unit condominium building. We contracted with Landmark after an extensive search to find a reliable, trustworthy and cost effective contractor.

We were very please with the work completed by Landmark. As a small condominium, we were unfamiliar with contracting and preparing for a job of this magnitude. Vince and his crew were knowledgeable and friendly. They guided us through many of the pitfalls that occasionally occur including: obtaining necessary permits, pros & cons of scaffolding contractors, working with Boston Edison to eliminate hazardous electrical wires, dealing with lead paint inspectors, and addressing the issues of concerned neighbors.

We were also pleased with the prompt and courteous manner in which unit owners complaints or concerns were addressed.

Overall, we found Landmark Exterior Restoration to be professional, courteous, knowledgeable and responsive. If you have additional questions or would like to know specific details, I can be reached at 617-566-5297.

Suzanne Cuccurullo
President, 33-39 Kent Street Condominium

Eastern Contractors, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

As Senior Project Manager for Eastern Contractors, Inc., I have been involved with the selection process of issuing Subcontracts for various portions of work. Over the last several years, we have exclusively retained the services of Landmark Exterior Restoration.

We find them to be a very aggressive and competitive firm. They are especially conscientious in dealing with the needs and finish product required by the architect and owner. They have worked on several projects in the past such as the Three Elementary School Renovations in Lynn, MA, the Elementary School Renovations in Wayland, MA, and the Bridge Street School in Northampton, MA. In most cases, they have done everything from graffiti removal to masonry cleaning to brick restoration, as well as pointing and sealing work.

In all of the various projects, Landmark Restoration successfully completed each of these jobs in a very timely, cooperative and efficient manner. Their quality of workmanship is evidenced throughout each project.

I would highly recommend, without reservation, the work of Landmark Exterior Restoration.

Very truly yours,
Frank T. Marino
Sr. Project Manager

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Robert J. Carpenter, Alma Lee Carpenter

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to recommend Landmark Exterior Restoration, Inc.

We contracted with Landmark Exterior Restoration to remove the white paint from our painted brick house. They accomplished the job in a very professional manner. The work was done on time and the results are wonderful!

The hydrodust process removed at least four coats of white paint and restored the brick to a completely natural look. The condition and appearance of the original brick exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied with the results.

Throughout the course of the work, the men were courteous, cheerful and neat. They performed a thorough cleanup upon completion of the job.

We highly recommend Landmark Exterior Restoration.

Robert J. Carpenter
Alma Lee Carpenter

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library

Dear Mr. Spierto:

I am writing to thank you for the job done by your company when cleaning the interior walls of the Kennedy Library. As you well know, the walls here are made of a special type of white concrete mix especially for this building. Your staff treated the walls with special care, as we had requested. The cleaning compounds that you used did not streak or strain the walls in any way.

We are very pleased with the outcome of your work. Dirt and marks which had built up from the many events held in our Pavilion were removed. I especially appreciate the extra effort your staff made when removing the wax and floor sealant which had built up at the bottom of the walls. Other contractors were unable to remove these marks in previous attempts.

Bradley S. Gerratt
Deputy Director

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Allen M. Lieb Architects

To Whom It May Concern:

Landmark Exterior Restoration recently completed major masonry restoration to the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds and Probate Court Building in Dedham, Massachusetts, for the Norfolk County Commissioners.

The Registry of Deeds and Probate Court Building built in 1910, over eighty (80) years ago, had severe staining due to run-off of Patina copper coloration, carbon staining and atmospheric staining, to the beautiful Indiana limestone façade, which had built-up over the years, rendering the structure to look dirty, aged and not a very pretty site. Also, there were many cracks and chippage within the surface area of the limestone façade, causing severe water infiltration.

Landmark Exterior Restoration cut-out all damaged and failed mortar joints, and repointed same, repaired all cracks and chippage in the limestone surfaces, installed high grade sealants at all joints and corrected all areas of leakage thus providing a structure with a moisture resistant integrity.

Further, representatives from three leading restoration chemical cleaning products manufacturers visited the project site and performed test panel demonstrations of their products for approval, but none of these products even came close to the cleaning capabilities of the Landmark Exterior Restoration cleaning products. The final project demonstrates the care, skill, workmanship and professionalism of the staff and management of Landmark.

We of this office, highly recommend Landmark Exterior Restoration for surface cleaning and masonry restoration, since their products and services far exceed and fulfill the expectations that both the Architect and Owner look forward to for a finished product.

Very Truly Yours,
Allen M. Lieb, A.I.A.

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Kenneth F. Parry & Associates Inc. Architects

To Whom It May Concern:

This contractor on his own initiative visited the renovation project for which this office is the architectural design firm. Mr. Spierto performed some initial demonstrations of various cleaners and material removal solutions at the job site for the general contractor. Our office was asked to inspect these test areas by the general contractor. My inspection revealed almost unbelievable and very impressionable results.

This existing brick and glazed terra-cotta building which prior to this renovation restoration had not been cleaned or maintained, and has been brutalized with 60 years of various slipshod retail storefront renovations all of differing construction. Our firm was charged to restore existing pier and façade building components while unifying all storefront openings with new construction.

The original contract work included steam pressure washing of the existing masonry which resulted in only slight improvements to appearance. The original contract also included removal of asphalt based roofing/flashing cements and caulking/sealants from porous and heavily textured existing brick work. The steam cleaning removed negligible amounts while manual removal operations proved futile. Oil based chemical removal processes resulted in greater problems, especially with run off and clean up.

Our primary concern was the material removal, but did not want the environment and the project budget to pay the price for this normally difficult work.

After my initial inspection, arrangements were made for further job site tests of Landmark’s removal products/processes on other building materials under our observation.

Unbelievably, the various water soluble and environmentally safe products performed beyond our expectations, including removal of various types of paint, metallic coatings, dirt and carbon/soot. The different products were applied in various concentrations, allowed to react with the material, and pressure-wash rinsed off with some light brushing. The existing sealant materials lost their bond to the masonry (and wood) components and dissolved into minuscule particles.

Estimates were prepared by Landmark for all aspects of work, reviewed by this office and the Project Owner and accepted. Comparisons made between previous costs expended on the original steam cleaning work and the Landmark general surface cleaning estimate was nearly the same. Cost estimates and proposals from numerous other restoration contractors for the graffiti, asphalt cement and caulking removal work were two and three times Landmark’s quotations, and promised only limited results.

I recommend to anyone considering the cleaning, restoration, refinishing or waterproofing of a building should see how well Landmark’s products and services perform compared to other present procedures.

David M. Fiske, Architect
Mass. Reg. No. 7526

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